Worship Leader/Elder

Jerry Renfro

Jerry has been a source of strength and support for the ministries of Meadowbrook. He serves as the worship leader, leading the people into the presence of God each week. He brings fresh ideas and suggestions for fellowship, outreach, and witnessing to the church and is always a man of prayer, showing care and concern for the members, visitors, and people with which he comes into contact.


Cliff Hallum

Cliff has been a member of Meadowbrook for over twenty years and has been involved with the affairs of the church since then. He serves the church as a deacon and was called to serve as one of Meadowbrook's elders, overseeing the business and legal affairs of the church as well as being a counselor to members and the pastor when needed. Most important, he is a faithful follower of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Media Minister

Kent Hallum

Kent is the man who takes care of the sound, the praise and worship videos for both the morning and evening services, and works alongside those who broadcast our services each Sunday morning on our Facebook page. He is always ready to give friends, family, and visitors a warm handshake and sometimes, a hug. He is an invaluable asset to the ministries of Meadowbrook and has served the church for many years, ready to assist in any manner with those things that make the church run smoothly and professionally.


Jeannie Mortensen

Jeannie is currently serving as one of our elders here at Meadowbrook. She takes care of the church's finances and makes sure that the bills get paid. She also takes care of other areas of need, such as as being the van driver for our children and adults who need a ride. She is a friend and confidant to our young people, and is a valuable helper to our children's worker. She is a strong woman of prayer and is devoted to our Lord Jesus.

  February 2020  
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