Meadowbrook's Purpose and Vision

What We're All About

Meadowbrook Baptist Church is a place where you are welcome in the name of Jesus Christ. No one should have to go through life alone or without help. We need Jesus Christ in our lives to have peace and be assured of eternal life. Here you don't have to "get your act together" in order to be a part of the family. We welcome prodigals as well as therir loved ones. We work with the Gospel Rescue Mission here in town to help with physical needs and to get you the help that you might need in order to make it. We're not big or fancy, but that's okay. We're here to love Jesus and do His will until that great and glorious day when He comes back to make all things new. We have a goal of reaching out to the community with the gospel and grow our church to 150 members in a five year period or whatever the LORD sees fit for us. If you don't have a church home and you're new in Muskogee or have been a part of the community for many years, then come by and be a part of a loving family. We have Bible studies for youth and adults in order to grow in the faith and stregthen us spiritually. The preaching is Bible-centered and unapologetically conservative. You will be challenged and comforted by the proclamation of the Word by our pastor. You don't have to go at it alone. Trust in the salvation work of the Lord Jesu Christ and be transformed today.