These links give a lot of information and inspiration for the seeker who wants to know more about the Christian faith or to strenghten their walk with the Lord.

This is the website of Pastor Paul Begley from Indiana. He hosts a daily web show and weekly TV show. He's knows about current events and gives news not found in the mainstream media. He is also the founder of the Paul Begley School of Prophecy, a Christ-centered Bible school that is just getting started.
This is the website of the nation's largest Protestant denomination, with some 30,000 churches in the US. The SBC also has national and international missions, seminaries, evangelists, and other means of spreading the gospel.
This is a Christian network worth watching. Here you'll find programs that glorify God, teaches the Scriptures, and presents topics like theology and how to live as believers.
This is a new site on the net, presenting teachings about Scripture and other topics that are based on a conservative biblical worldview, which is needed today more than ever.
This is the teaching ministry of the late theologian R.C. Sproul (1939-2017) along with other proponents of the Reformed Faith, emphasizing the sovereignty of God and the Doctrines of Grace.
This site is a list of 100 Bible commentaries from a wide variety of biblical experts and is a great aid in personal Bible study. It is also a tremendous help for preachers who need to dig into the Word a little deeper.
This site is dedicated to Christian apologetics and how to defend your faith against non-believers and people of other faiths who tend to mock Christianity. It has podcasts, answer sections, and teaching about the validity of the faith.
This is a site dedicated to the study of archaeology and apologetics, which is the study of how to defend the Christian faith from skepticism. The ministry has a magazine entitled "Bible and Spade", which gives a conservative, biblical analysis of archaeological expeditions.
This is the site of J. Warner Wallace, a former atheist and police detective. He uses the skills he learned to defend and promote the validity of the Christian faith. He has videos, podcasts, articles, and other means of showing the truth of the faith.
Pastor Billy has videos on apologetics, creation science, Bible proofs, and sermons on world religions, cults, and the occult. It's worth your time to check it out. He pastors Sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas and is a frequent speaker at Bible and prophecy conferences.
This is the teaching ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta, Georgia. He has been with the church since 1971.
Billy Graham (1918-2018) needs no introduction. He faithfully preached the Good News of salvation in Christ to millions over the past sixty plus years. The organization is now headed by Franklin Graham, who is a fearless champion for Christ..
This website shows some "wild and crazy" things that the apostate church does and says. Beware of these wolves in sheep's clothing. There are some things going on in so-called "Christian" circles that are anything but biblical and this site exposes them.